Free unix shells


Server, services, OS,


Server & services:

– two T3s lines ( and

– SIGs, Music Compilations and Membership activities

– 10+ DEC Alphas (DS20L/DS10L) running NetBSD

– Supporter of the NetBSD project and The Computer History Museum in
Mountain View California

– Members vote in new features

– Member contributed programs and tutorials

– 80MB (free), 600MB and 800MB disk quotas

– Membership perks (such as free admission to the Computer History

– User configurable email greylisting feature

– Partnership with Colleges world wide for free, in most cases, remote

– DSL as well 16,000+ Dialup access (PPP or SHELL) numbers in the USA
and Canada

– IRC access to free users on Saturdays and Sundays

– project – user authored and maintained blogs,
photogalleries, forums and more.

– VPN with IP4 assignment in our Class C.


Services: email, lynx, personal webspace, compile C programs… (quota:

Server: ???

Services: email, ftp, telnet, lynx, personal webspace of 100K


Services: email, pop3, lynx, personal webspace, compile C programs
(quota: 500kb)

Server: ???

Services:email,pop3,ssh,irc,ftp,web space (quota: 1Mb)


Services: pop3/web email, webspace, the complete set of UNIX/Gnu tools,
quota: 2M


Services: email, pop3, micq, ftp, personal webspace with cgi, ssi,
eggdrop (quota: 10Mb)

Linux, FreeBSD, VAX (OpenVMS operating system)

Services: Email, pop3, irc, ftp, eggdrop… cool place on different
operating systems!


Services: pop3,pop2,imap,smtp,ftp,irc,mail,mail->SMS,compiliers,
quota for now..

OpenVMS on VAX/Alpha

Services: IRC usage is allowed but no bots/relays/etc.

Server: Debian GNU/Linux 4.0

Services:, Quota (Web &
Home): 100 MB on your personal directory, FTP, SCP, SFTP, CGI, PHP4,
SSI, SSL, MySQL (one DB, ask for it), PHPMyAdmin yes


Clients: mutt, pine, POP3s, IMAP, WebMail, maximum email size (per
element): 7 MB

Features: Spamassassin, Razor2, Anti-Virus (drop of infected mails)

Server: ???

Services/Info: No irc, Quota: 6Mb (shared between mail and web)


Services/Info: mail, webspace, perl… (quota 12Mb)

Linux/RedHat, Linux/Debian, OpenVMS/Alpha, OpenVMS/VAX, Solaris,
Ultrix, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD, HPUX, AIX

Services/Info: is non commercial, educative effort for
popularization of shell enabled operating systems and Internet
services, offering shell accounts and other services on all available


Services/Info: 50MB storage space, http access
(, ftp access, ssh, telnet, and
communication programs such as IRC, AIM, MSN, ICQ, Lily, and email.

Server: linux

Services/Info: public_html, php,cgi-bin on request, 3bg procesess, 50mb
space , eggdrop allowed, access to compilers , bitchx, ftp , ssh
access, and a lot of more…

Server: FreeBSD

Services/Info: Free Email – 5mb space, 2 processes / 1 IRC-connection,
Free Web-Space – 50mb space, PHP & MySQL supports. Compilers,
ssh and telnet has been disabled. BNCs are forbidden.

No new accounts are being

Server: Slackware 10.1

Services/Info: multiple servers, ssh, email, webspace, 200mb, irc,
bitchx, eggdrop, mysql, much, much more…

IRC support: #aeshells

Server: Linux on a 2048/512
dsl line with
static ipv4 and ipv6

Services/Info: Free shell service reserved to italian users only.
Psybnc eggdrop, ipv6, bitchx, irssi, 2 max process per user, usermin

Server: FreeBSD

Services/Info: 5M disk quota as standard (more might be available if
you can justify it), webspace (PHP enabled), an email address, crontab
access (limited), access to all the standard UNIX command line tools
and compilers, IRC access through BitchX…

Server: FreeBSD, Celeron II

Services/Info: Access via SSH/SCP, e-mail, MySQL, webspace, PHP, 7 MB
quota, IPv6 support, 1 bg, IRC access, NO bots or bouncers

Server: PA-RISC Debian Linux

Services/Info: Few restrictions, instant account additions, see webpage
for more details.

Server: Slackware Linux

Services/Info: Offering free shells for IRC access, eggdrop, php,
webmail. Runs BitchX and irssi.

Server: Mandrake Linux

Services/Info: webpage, irc, gcc, pico , php , cgi scripts… quota:


Services/Info: A large group of free shells providers have joined
together on one IRC network and website.
That network/site is known as ShellsNet, and is founded on the idea
that different shell providers can help each other out in various ways,
from sharing information about abusive users to admins helping each
other with resolving technical issues…

Server: FreeBSD

Services/Info: Polish server. Full featured freebsd accounts suitable
for developement, communication, php, unix scripting, etc.

Server: Linux (Fedora Core

Services/Info: ???

Server: OpenBSD 3.6 –
Pentium 2 350hz,
128mb ram

Services/Info: 10mb quota for files (mail on seperate computer),
webmail, IRC, WWW, FTP, SSH, NO BNC (and other IRC CRAP)

Server: FreeBSD

Services/Info: C compiler, perl, free eggdrop hosting, webhosting +
php, BitchX, ircII, psybnc, telnet and ssh access, local ircd, and many
more free of charge on FreeBSD systems.

Server: Mandrake 10

Services/Info: 5mb disk space quota, Bitchx access, gcc,cc, pico, php,
cgi scripts, apache, public ftp, LYNX access, PHP/CGI scripts enabled

Server: Debian

Services/Info: Eggdrop, Psybnc, Irssi, BitchX, IRCD, Shoutcast, IPv4
and IPv6, Vhosts, SFTP, MySQL, PHP, Webhosting, Forum Hosting, Perl,
Gcc, Tcl, Sh, Nano, Pico (Disk Quota: 500MB)

Server: Debian GNU/Linux

Services/Info: 100Mbit bandwidth, Telnet and SSH, gcc compiler, Perl,
Python, shell scripting, IRC clients (irssi, Bitchx), eggdrop, IRC
access to all IRC networks, 3 Background processes, 1 Gigabyte of
quota, including detached sessions (“screen” command is available), FTP
access (your own directory accessible via FTP), Your own crontab
(running programs in specific periods of time)

Server: Debian Linux

Services/Info: Email:, Website:, Disk space is limited.
Background processes are limited and can only be programs we have
preinstalled on the system.

Server: FreeBSD

Services/Info: email/webmail,pop3,ssh,irc,ftp,web
space,psybnc,eggdrop,muh,namserver (disk quota: 100mb)

Server: OpenBSD

Services/Info: sshd, irc only ipv6, www with php, storing files and
learn som basic commands, nameserver, 25mb disk quota, 1bg process
allowed and running programs the staff has selected

Server: ???

Services/Info: IRC clients, MySQL database, www, ftp, email, vhosts,
quota: 5Mb

Server: ???

Services/Info: based in scotland, UK. Comes with irc access and allowed
background processes.

Server: Debian Sarge

Services/Info: Your own homepages under public_html, MySQL + PHP, IRC,
JSP, quota 1Gb!

Server: ???

Services/ provides free shell access via SSH with
secure FTP, Web (PHP/PERL/MySQL) and storage space, free
subdomain/domain hosting, IRC client access (BitchX/Irssi), IPv6
vhosts. No email access at this time. Access to development tools such
as compilers. No unauthorized bots or bncs. New mature community
oriented provider. Must go through account approval process.

Server: OpenBSD

Services/Info:Services: PHP, GCC, perl, ruby, TCL, python, irssi,
bitchx, epic, games, more. IRC: yes, eggdrop allowed, no bouncers,
Quotas: 25MB /home, 25MB www (more if needed)

Server: 4 servers, debian

Services/Info:Services: pre-installed eggdrop, pre-installed psybnc,
bunch of linux apps, NO WEBSITE/E-MAIL HOSTING, internal server for
hacking and fun :), servers on 1Mbit/256KBit connection, account on one
of the 3 user servers… Quota: 10Mb

Server: OpenBSD3.8, 64-bit

Services/Info:Services: 15MB diskquota, homepage , E-mail address , PHP
support and many GNU tools and development compilers available. NO
background processes (exceptions may apply)..

Server: Running on
AMD Duron 1,3ghz

Services/Info: Fully featured account with www/php/mysql(ask for

Accounts will be also quotted for about 40MB fo data.


Debian Sarge

Services/Info: Free Shells; ssh, bitchx, eggdrop, psybnc, bnc, ircII,
webhosting, mail, 4bg for account, Quota: 50mb. More info WWW

Linux 2.6.12

shell account with unlimited software usage and unlimited bg processes,
webspace ( with php and mysql database, ftp
access to Your account, 1 GB disk quota


Fedora Core 5

Services: IRC chatting, compiling, and basic unix usage.

free SSH and SFTP accounts (quota: 10Mb)


Homepage URL: http(s)://

Email Address:

50 MB Quota on your Personal Directory and Mailbox.

SSH, SCP and SFTP Access

CGI, PHP, SSI, SSL, MySQL (One DB, only at request) and PHPMyAdmin.

WebMail and Community Forum.

Access to mutt, screen, python and a number of other unix commands.

irssi, preconfigured to connect to DilexNET IRC Network.

Linux Debian Sarge

Services: eggdrops, three user psyBNC’s (including yourself) and

Server: Debian GNU/Linux
SSH and SFTP access

2 GB Quota
Webspace (, PHP (v5), MySQL, wiki )
environment: (c, c++, java etc), interpreters (python, perl, lua), code
editors (emacs, nano, vim), version control (svn)
Web Based Control Panel
IRC exclusively for donaters ( No Bouncers )


SSH and SFTP access

50 MB Quota ( more space can be requested )

Webhost ( , PHP (v5) enabled )

Database ( MySQL , 5 MB Quota, optional )

Mail ( , optional )

IRC access via screen and irssi/BitchX ( No bots, no eggdrops: Bots. No
bouncers. )

ICQ, AIM, Yahoo, MSN access via CenterICQ. Jabber access.

Development environment: compilers (c, c++, java etc),
interpreters (python, perl, php), code editors (emacs, nano, vim),
utilities (subversion, cvs)

is a 64bit Ultrasparc Architecture running NetBSD

250MB of disk space

publicly accessible website (

send/receive email (

file transfer via scp, sftp, ftp

shell login via ssh or telnet

IPv6 connectivity

no bots, bncs, or bg’s while logged out

Vhosted shells for free just for psyBNC and
nothing else. Choice of great amusing vhosts.

If you fail to login once per day, your account will be suspended! (???)

Server: Gentoo Linux

Services:  8MB disk space,

MSN, AIM, YIM, and other clients (including ctorrent), Perl, GCC,
CLISP, Ruby, and many development tools, Misc. apps and games such as

Limit of 16 simultaneous processes and 3 simultaneous logins per user

Your own webspace at

SFTP access

No bots, no zombie scripts, no abuse, no rudeness…

Server: FreeBSD

Services: ssh / sftp access

100 MB disk quota , screen, lynx, BitchX, centericq

mc, vifm and much more

send and receive emails using mutt or pine


homepages under public_html

Server: gentoo linux

Services: 200MB space, tools for: icq, irc, c/c++, mail, etc…

Server: ???

Services: quota: 10-100 mb, php, mysql, irc (bitchx/irssi), ekg, wget,
screen, ipv6, jabber server, subdomains:

Server: Fedora Core 6

Services: quota 100MB, web space(in quota), php, mysql databases, all
kind of developer tools – gcc, cc, python, perl, php… processes 50,
screen/detach, psybnc, eggdrop, centericq, micq, BitchX, irssi,
software install upon request…

Signup by postcard or by donation of money

Server: ubuntu linux

Services: Trinity Shells provides free linux shell accounts on ubuntu
edition. The free shell includes 50 megs of space for webhosting,
network programs (irc, telnet, ssh etc), access to compilers (c, c++,
perl etc) as well as access to MySQL.

Users are supplied with 500MB of storage space. Instant messanging
services including MSN, AOL, Yahoo!, Jabber. IRC services like Eggdrop,
BNC (bouncers), and proxies. And web hosting with MySQL, and PHP.

Server: FreeBSD

Services: Vhosts available. PsyBNC and Eggdrop supported.

Users must login to their web page once per day to maintain their
account… (???)

Server: RedHat Linux

Services: Quota: 20 Mb, IRC access,  gcc, cc, perl, php,
python, bitchx, pico, emacs, lynx, wget…

Background processes allowed, but NO psyBNC, Eggdrop, BNC

Server: Ubuntu linux

Srvices: Web Mail Access, Home page or
hosting your own domain name, FTP access, MySQL Database, SSH access…

Server: Linux

Services:  ssh, telnet, lynx, BitchX, mail, webspace etc.

Server: Debian Linux

Services: SSH, MySQL database, 1 background process, 10 simultaneously
running processes, 25MB bandwidthquota, quota: 10MB

Server: Fedora Linux

Services: 1 bg, IRC, Eggdrop, no BNC`s, mail, web, 15 mb quota

Server: Linux

Services: No applications running in the background, webssh, Quota:

Server: FreeBSD

Service: www, ssh, sftp, bitchx ,eggdrop, psybnc, lynx, wget… no. of processes: maximum 2 only

Server: FreeBSD
Services: Shell login via SSH or Telnet, ftp, gcc, c++, mail, web page
under public_html, php, perl, python, mysql, screen, BitchX, 100MB
quota and more. Request something you don’t see.

Server: Debian GNU/Linux 4.0

Services: vim, emacs, lynx, pine, PHP 5, 1 MySQL 5,
up to 10 background processes, email , webmail, quota: 500Mb. Unixpod Provide tools to aid developers and users to create/use open source software.

Server: Debian Linux

Services: SSH/SFTP, GNU tools, gcc, g++, make, Perl, Tcl, Python, Bash,
php, perl, mysql, irc, bitchx… Quota: 500Mb

If users dont say
!keep on IRC channel at least once in a 24 hours period their account
will be deleted! (hm, hm!?)  NEW!
Server: Linux/Debian 4.0
Web Mail Access, Home page or hosting
your own domain name, FTP access, MySQL Database, 50mb space , eggdrop
allowed, access to compilers , bitchx, ftp , msn ,ssh access, and a lot
of more…  NEW!

Server: Debian Linux, 8GB RAM, QuadCore CPU, 10Mbit
Services: personal web page (50Mb), personal unix email account, able to compile C programs, background processes, and more..  NEW!
Services: 1 eggdrop, and 1 client for the network, user can run maximum 2 background processes