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I was thinking about an idea for a while, then I decided to make it real. Since I am getting old and I started a long time with Free Software, I frequently realize about what is missing and what is failing on FLOSS projects.

I was looking for projects devoted to curate/heal  Free Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS). And even when I found some initiatives, I found them incomplete. Then I decided to build a theoretical / practical framework, to protect the free software. It will focused in three pillars: health, security and quality.

Health, to determinate in which part of software life cycle a project is, and to bring practical tools to spot that status. Security, to consolidate a verified and widespread baseline. And Quality, to guarantee traceability through projects, their packages, their bugs, etc.

I started from scratch and I’m developing a documentation website, through a static site generator (@getpelican). Ideally, every piece of the project will be under pair review. You are invited to participate in the reviews and you are also welcome to contribute :).

During an early chat with Pankaj Gupta,  Open Brahmand came up as name for this project, but I changed my mind and I renamed as Freedom Watchers.

The fw-org  projects at Github: https://github.com/freedomwatchers/. I split the web content in www, blog and doc.

You can follow us in our social network accounts:

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/FreedomWatchers.org/

Twitter https://twitter.com/FreedomWatchers

Even when a logo is not defined yet, I am using a sunflower to express a Fibonacci sequence.

Leonardo Luduena @lle0x

Spanish version of this article: https://www.lleox.org/2019/para-proteger-floss/

Photo by Jeb Buchman on Unsplash

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